California's Eastern Sierra is the most unique of western landscapes; A rugged land of enchanting beauty and contrasts, the Eastern Sierra lies at the junction of the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin and Mojave Desert. The 14,000 foot peaks of the Sierras drop off into the valleys and deserts below. No other place in North America encompasses more dramatic mountain and desert scenery.

As John Muir called it, "a country of wonderful contrasts."

With the tool of photography, I attempt to capture just a small snapshot of the remarkable beauty, vastness, and dramatic scenery of this region. Some of the natural attractions photographed include Bishop, Buttermilk Road, Bishop Creek, Mt Humphreys, Mt Tom, Basin Mountain, Four Gables, McGee Creek Canyon, the White Mountains, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, Patriarch Grove.

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Eastern Sierra sunrise eastern sierra escarpment eastern sierra landscape aspen row bishop creek fly fisherman mountain road with falls colors aspen near south lake mcgee creek canyon bristlecone snag duckbill sunset with bristlecone pine alpenglow on bristlecone pine sunrise on mt. humphreys mountain in the middle mt. tom